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Hello and welcome to Sweet Jean on the Interweb.

You can also find us here on myspace, and here on youtube.

It’s been almost a year since we first started playing music together and things’ve been rolling along pretty nicely, despite fairly inauspicious beginnings.

The very first time we attempted ’jamming’ together was at 4am after a murderers and rockstars party. Alice was inexplicably dressed as Ken Done, and Sime was dressed as ‘White Trash’. After picking up our instruments, we both decided it was a good idea to try playing a ‘bluegrass’ version of Suspicious Minds. It wasn’t.

Luckily, we soon moved on from Elvis covers and discovered a mutual love of harmony singing (and a deep-dark past involving a capella singing and mouth percussion). So far this year, we’ve managed to clock up at least two gigs a week around Melbourne and interstate – and we’ve played with some of our friends and favourite fellow musicians along the way.

With help from some of those friends and fellow musos, we’re recording an album which should be out early next year…..and here’s a video of us standing on a balcony talking about it.

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