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ALICE is just over there playing the CASIO that we recently found in the back shed, so I am gonna take this moment to say hi & WELCOME TO JUNE! Your call is important to us and our operators have been standing around wondering how to work this thing for some time. And now here we are. With news!

We had a great start to the year with CygnetNannup  and Port Fairy Festivals across the Southern seaboard. Our shows with Eilen Jewell at the NSC, Caravan Club and Meeniyan Hall were tons of fun and we loved playing with Mojo JuJu Jordie Lane, The Hello Morning, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats and Jen Cloher at their shows.

WE HAVE SEEN MIND-BLOWING MUSIC! Alice was lucky enough to interview PJ Harvey back in January, and seeing her perform at the Regent Theatre was an awesome way to start the year. Sime went to Cold Chisel at Festival Hall and loved it, WHICH DOESN’T MAKE ME A BAD PERSON OK.

WE MADE A FOLK EP! The Folk EP we recorded with JC over a couple of days a few months back has been a quiet release prior to our larger scale album. The EP is available at shows and is called Songs from the Start. It has us in duo mode without a bell or a whistle in sight. If you’re a little bit afraid of where Alice is heading with the CASIO, this EP is for you.

OUR SONG IS GETTING PLAYED ON VIRGIN PLANES! We are delighted to confirm that that IS our song Shiver & Shake on every second Virgin aircraft as you are having a panic attack waiting to get off the tarmac. All that talk of dead bodies and things bursting into flames in the second verse clearly didn’t strike the music programmer as inappropriate ‘in-flight entertainment’….and to that we say RIGHT ON whoever you are!

THIS WEEK we met with Ross Irwin who will be arranging the strings for our album which is still called Dear Departure and is “getting there.” We look forward to releasing it in our lifetime. JC is still threatening us with slap-bass solos across much of it but that should desist once we break his thumbs.

GIGS! It’s great to have a few new shows in the diary. Though the proprietor of our local video store will not be pleased.

IN TWO WEEKS on SATURDAY JUNE 30 we will be at the Northcote Social Club supporting Mike Noga who’s just arrived back from an extensive overseas jaunt. Tickets at the Door.

AND THAT FRIENDS will take us to the end of June when we will let you know about plans for a couple of band gigs, more songs from the Hit-Van and some potentially terrifying covers from the 80s. Just breathe. It’s going to be OK.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy this version of the John Jacob Niles song I Wonder as I Wander. We didn’t become religious over the summer (all those references to “JC” refer to our producer

 John Castle, not Jesus Christ), but we do love this song and we think John Jacob Niles is a remarkable cat.

Listen and Download: I Wonder as I Wander

Thanks for dropping by. Hope we see you soon.

Sime & Alice (yelling spelling corrections at me from the CASIO)

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