Sweet Jean – Shiver and Shake

Hey Folks,

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As you may know, we’re recording an album at the moment, which will be out next year and we are really excited to be launching our first single – Shiver and Shake and we can’t wait for you to take a listen via the soundcloud stream above.

A few months ago, we ran into our old friend John Castle (Washington, The Bamboos) at our favourite licensed op shop. By 3am we had all decided to make an album together. A few days later, we spent an afternoon in John’s shed studios recording a song called Shiver & Shake, was born. Shiver and Shake puts a tropical spin on the macabre Grimm’s story of the boy who went into the world to learn how to shiver and shake. John Castle has brought a truckload of clap-your-hands pop sensibility to our often darker and bent influences.

We’re having a ball in the studio with the songs and the sounds, and we are really happy to be sharing the first of our new music.

You can hear our single Shiver and Shake right now and if you are in Melbourne on Sunday 4th December head to the Toff In Town from 7.30pm for our Shiver and Shake Launch Event. Mention this post to us at the show and we will give you a free download of this single! Thanks for your support, enjoy listening to the track and see you at the Toff.

 X Alice & Sime

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